On hold for a decade, Palestinians await new 3G network

Palestine, dans l’espoir d’un réseau 3G, c’est un reportage de Jimmy Hutcheon en Palestine pour le Middle East Eye.

It took 10 years for Israel to agree to a Palestinian 3G service. But a deal signed in November should bring services into the 21st century next year.

Phone technology is changing at a faster pace than ever. But not so in occupied the Palestinian territories.

While the rest of the world was been whizzing along on fast « 3G » networks, Palestinians have for the last 10 years crawled on antiquated « 2G » – a technology dating back to the 1990s. For 10 years, Israel refused requests by the Palestinian Authority, on the grounds of « security », to allow the creation of 3G networks.

But that will soon change thanks to the signing of an agreement with Israel in November to bring Palestinian services into the 21st century.

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