Belarus: ‘Last dictatorship in Europe’ set for a vote

En Biélorussie, dans la « dernière dictature d’Europe », on retrouve cette semaine Jimmy Hutcheon aux cotés de Jonathan Brown pour Al Jazeera.


Minsk, Belarus – Belarussians headed to the polls on Sunday in elections many predict will see strongman President Alexander Lukashenko easily re-elected to a fifth term.

Compared to the elections of December 2010 – which ended in the arrest of opposition leaders and political activists as widespread protests flared against what many called a rigged vote – this year’s campaigning has been fairly mundane.

Both Lukashenko’s supporters and those hoping for an end to the Belarussian president’s 20-year reign see him slated for five additional years in office. Non-government surveys have recorded an increase in Lukashenko’s ratings from 39 percent in July to 46 percent in September.

Under Lukashenko’s leadership, Belarus has been routinely referred to as the « last dictatorship in Europe ». The country’s civil and political rights record is among the poorest globally. Reporters Without Borders’ Press Freedom Index ranks Belarus 157 out of 180 countries.


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